Wednesday, May 18

Integrated Marketing Is Redundant

Integrated Marketing -- it's one of those phrases that makes me smile every time I hear someone say it.

Sure, it's been the buzz word du jour for awhile now, but I have to ask ... when was marketing not integrated?

Growing up on the client side at Johnson & Johnson I guess I was trained early on that there's only one brand.  One brand, one voice.  So I've never thought of marketing in silo's.

Marketing is integrated, that's why it's marketing.  So of course your PR firm is going to give you big branding ideas, and your digital agency should give you promotion ideas, and your advertising agency should be doing more than just positioning work.  We should all be working together to engage the consumer.

Integrated Marketing -- it's a redundant, sort of like:
- totally destroyed
- advanced warning
- ATM machine
- close proximity
- difficult dilemma
- end result

And my personal favorite --- deja vu, all over again!

What's your experience?  Jim.

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  1. I agree Jim. I think 'Social Media' is becoming redundant as well.

  2. Good one! I've actually dropped "media" and call it social marketing. That's what it is. Jim