Thursday, May 5

Marketing Isn't Changing

I wrote a guest blog post for The Council of PR Firms.  They asked me to be provocative, so I tried.

My premise is that although much of what we do in marketing (and public relations) feels like it's constantly changing, in reality it really isn't.  While technology keeps us on our toes and social media has sped up the race, the fundamental principles of what we do has not changed.  We are still in the business of influencing people.

So today's post here is a link to that post.  It's called "Sorry To Say:  Public Relations Isn't Changing."  Hope you like it.

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. Jim -

    I'm a big long-line person in that I try to avoid chasing after what only looks like change, but really isn't.

    I don't think what's going on with social media/networking represents a change in our human desire to connect with others, but there is a fundamental change in our ability to cultivate more levels of connection than we could before.

    Ten years ago, I'd have met you at the AMA conference, maybe exchanged an email afterward, and that might have been it unless something extraordinary would prompt contacting you. Now, however, we're in touch multiple times weekly (greater frequency) with a connection not as deep as in-person interaction, but more substantial than an email-only type business relationship (different levels of interaction).

    While this example is more at a personal level, a lot of the same opportunities hold for marketers in business settings. While influence is the foundation of it all, it seems there are more subtleties to what influence means. That may not represent constant change, but it does represent change.

    You got me thinking...thanks!


  2. Thanks, Mike, you are so right. Social media has allowed us to connect with people in such meaningful ways never before possible. And it has changed our lives as a result. Jim