Thursday, May 19

No Judgement Lipstick

One of the signs of a really good brand, aside from incredible sales, is consistency.  Staying true to self with every move.

Whether you're a fan or not, you gotta give props to Lady Gaga for being a consistent brand.  I talk about her a lot, because I truly believe that she is one powerful brand.  A brand with a mission, a specific target audience that crosses demographic groups, an effective media plan grounded in social marketing, and an entire stream of products ... some music based and some not.

Her latest collaboration with MAC cosmetics is yet another example of her consistency.  She created a new lipstick with proceeds going to AIDS research.  This is a program that MAC has run for several years now,  in fact last year Lady Gaga did it with Cindy Lauper.

For this year, the color she chose?  Beige.  Why?  It's a no judgement lipstick because it looks good on any skin color.  It doesn't judge and it doesn't discriminate -- looks good on everyone.  Brilliant positioning.

Inclusion and individuality are concepts that drive her music and many of her actions ... and now her lipstick choice as well.  Sign of a great brand.

Bravo!  What's your experience?  Jim

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