Tuesday, May 31

Senior Prom - A Right of Passage

My daughter's high school Senior Prom was this past weekend. To say it's been months of preparation is the under statement of the year. First the dress, then the shoes, and of course the purse, flowers, limo -- plus all the photos at home pre-prom.

I think it's fair to say that the Prom is a mini-market economy of its own!

The best part?  We all went to the school to take pictures and to send them off - hundred of parents and their "kids".  As I watched all these girls I've known for years now hug and take pictures and marvel over each others' dresses, it occurred to me that I was witnessing a true life moment.  Truly.

Senior Prom is a Right of Passage into being an adult.

We were not there just to take pictures of pretty dresses layered with sequins, we were there to watch them jump into adulthood. It's just two weeks to Graduation and it's time we acknowledge that they are not kids anymore. They're adults.

Off with their dates celebrating the close of their high school years. Celebrating that they made it through their childhood and they've become adults. High heel shoes and all. Making big decisions, hopefully good decisions, that will affect the rest of their lives.

This weekend I said goodbye to my little girl and hello to the young adult woman she has become. All at the Senior Prom.  I guess it was a Right of Passage for me too.

What's your experience? Jim.

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