Tuesday, May 10

Shout Color Catcher

File this under "how do they do that?"

The Shout Color Catcher.  It's a patch of cloth you put in with your laundry and if you accidentally mix that brand new bright red t-shirt with your white underwear, the color bleeds onto the color catcher and not your tightey whiteys.  Nothing worse than a pink pair of Fruit of the Loom.

How do they do that?  It's just plain hard to believe.  But it's from Shout, so I have to believe it!

And while we are talking about, this is a great brand extension.  If Shout is known as a stain remover, this is a nice natural extension -- preventing a stain from happening by accident right in the wash.  A great example of defining your brand broadly enough to be able to extend in the future.  Of course a brand extension only works if both the brand and the extension work, which in this case is definitely true.  Classic package good marketing, right before our eyes.

Plus innovation. Simple, consumer-centric innovation that solves a basic household problem. Not a lot of sizzle, but sure a lot of steak.

What's your experience?  Jim

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