Friday, May 13

Social Media Makes A Brand "Real"

This week I spoke at the OTC Perspectives National Conference in Atlantic City. I had not been to "AC" in years - my how the shopping has grown!  Anyway ...

I spoke about how social media is helping brands become more "real". Giving them a voice and helping them create a dialogue with consumers like never before. Not since the toll free number have we been able to talk "with" consumers and hear what they have to say. Television advertising generally talks "to" -- now with social media we can talk "with". In real time, all day long, on the consumers' terms. They've gotten quite powerful those consumers!

I gave a few examples to prove the point and I'll share some tidbits here where social media has:

Helped differentiate a brand:  Best Buy Twelpforce.  Employees tweeting with customers to resolve service issues helped to differentiate the brand and reduce the focus on price wars.  

Given the brand a voice. TSA.  Those guys who pat you down at the airport.  Yup, it's a brand and a brand experience.  The TSA blog and Twitterfeeds actually personalize the government authority.  

Created leadership:  Lady Gaga.  She used social media to turn pop music into a monster movement.  Multiple number ones later, she's the tweet queen. 

Powerfully extended an existing campaign:  American Express Social Currency.  Membership Rewards points have been around as long as frequent flyer miles.  This year Amex turned it social by asking people to share how they use them via social media. The stories are so compelling, they make you want to rack up points.  

Think about your own behavior. Don't the brands you interact with in social media seem a lot more real?

I wrote a blog post last week about Behr Paint - and I got a thank you tweet from the brand @behrpaint. He identified himself as Ryan and he was quite charming. 

What's your experience?  Jim. 


  1. Very insightful Jim ... I have had some fantastic interactions with brands who have recognized my customer loyalty because of a tweet. Recently one sent me a hand written thank you note and coupons to get their product free at the grocery. Now that left a great impression!

  2. Great customer service is the ultimate brand experience!