Friday, May 27

Triscuit's Home Farming Movement

With "sustainability","local", and "staying home" all the rage these days, it's interesting to see some of the main stream brands join in hot pop culture trends.  Even a cracker brand like Triscuit.

The brand Triscuit is running a very interesting promotion, actually a "movement", to encourage us all to do a little home farming ... you know, grow things in dirt at home!

Complete with helpful plans, a way to track progress, and a community to share with, Triscuit is giving us everything we need to start growing herbs and vegetables in our backyards, patios, or window sills ... even free seeds on the back of the box.

I particularly liked the free seeds promotion because the seeds are embedded right on the back of the box.  A page right out of breakfast cereal marketing where that category practically invented in-box promotion offers and back panel packaging content.

It's a very well thought out "movement" that includes multiple touchpoints including the packaging, social media, video, promotion, education, and a viral component to encourage sharing.  Classic package goods marketing with a contemporary spin of social media aligned with a pop culture trend of staying local.  There's a lot to like here!

It's all right on Facebook.

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. Jim - It sounds like Triscuit has definitely addressed multiple channels with the promotion.

    My question is what tie-in, if any, do they make to the brand, i.e. why is Triscuit the brand to get behind this movement? It's great to see a processed food encourage home gardening, but it seems positioning the relationship with Home Farming as kind of "just because it's out there" leaves some value on the table for the brand. Thinking about it from a sponsorship angle, I'd want to feature ideas for using the vegetables on Triscuits - maybe recipes for snacks - or some other connection. Maybe it's there, and I just missed it.

    What's your take on that?


  2. Totally agree and on some levels it's a disconnect. But it is interesting to see on the back of the box that the seeds are for basil and there's a recipe for using basil on top of the Triscuit. The brand made the connection there but you are right that it doesn't exist at every touchpoint. A crack in the program for sure. Jim.