Tuesday, June 7

Calypso at Target

We've seen a lot of designer collaborations at Target that have really inspired us to dial up our style whether in clothing, home decor, bedding, or small appliances.  I still admire the work of Michael Graves in the early days of Target's rise to fame.

The latest is with Calypso and it is off the charts.  Three collections of clothing, accessories, and some home decor all under the Calypso St. Barth for Target line.  Just in time for summer and just for a limited time, the items are all filled with color and attitude and tropical style.  Now we all get to "color our world."

Target has done a masterful job through the years bringing high design to the consuming public, and in fact has defined the brand around it.  This latest collaboration simply cements their expertise not only in affordable style but also in cross category synergy.  Calypso is a complete lifestyle brand that few had access to prior to Target -- now at the "best prices under the sun."

While you can view the entire line on the website, including picks from the brand's VP of design, it's the advertising that makes you want to run to the store to check out the merchandise.  And while Target has for years had a good handle on advertising, I believe this latest campaign does a masterful job of merging the two brands of Target and Calypso into a seamless experience.  It is readily identifiable as coming from Target, yet has the complete look and feel of Calypso.  A true sign of a great collaboration.

I picked up a few items myself.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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