Monday, June 27

Foursquare and American Express

I think a new day may just be beginning for location-based social media.  Late last week Foursquare announced a new partnership with American Express, basically an expansion of a test market they had been running where American Express card members get special savings by checking into select retailers and restaurants using Foursquare.

I have to admit that I have been a late bloomer when it comes to location-based things.  I have not seen the benefit to telling people where I am and where I am spending my money.  I don't necessarily want people to know and I certainly could care less about being the Mayor of my local Starbucks.  But now I get it.

If I can use my American Express card and get a special deal without having to clip a coupon or even scan my phone with the cashier, then I am in.  And that's exactly what this new partnership allows:  big savings that are just a tap away and then show up on the American Express statement as a credit.

Now I'll check in!  Now I get it!

I believe that this is just the beginning of an industry that has had a slow start.  Not anymore.  Away we go!

What's your experience?  Jim.

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  1. I just started using Foursquare a few weeks ago. I'm late to the party for the same reasons you cite, i.e., I won't be sharing every check-in on Facebook. I started using it out of curiosity and feeling the need to be "in the loop" and articulate.

    But I do like the American Express connection.
    I read about it last week in Fast Company

    Amex is very smart when it comes to making card advantages available to members. I like their arrangement with Amazon as well, which allows you to use points to order from the site. It is so easy and seamless. I had points accumulated for years and somehow managed to use them all within a week when they launched with Amazon. Amazon obviously offers so much more than their rewards site.

    I will definitely check out Amex on Foursquare.