Thursday, June 9

HGTV: My Yard Goes Disney

I've been talking a lot about brand collaborations and strategic partnerships this week, both on this blog and at work.  I love when brands trade valuable marketing assets and share their precious equities to bring something new to consumers.  HGTV has certainly entered this game, as I personally noticed during a marathon viewing session this past weekend.

There's a new show that I found very fascinating:  "My Yard Goes Disney", where designers from the Disney theme parks come and do backyard makeovers for families.  It's amazing to watch the design process at work and to witness creative transformations of the Disney kind.  Of course along with it comes a sweepstakes to win a trip to a Disney theme park as well as a backyard makeover of your own -- we would expect that for sure.

We know Disney, as a brand, to be all about magical entertainment and creativity.  And we know HGTV, as a brand, to be all about creative home design.  Bringing the two together to create a magically entertaining backyard space for the family is truly the best of both worlds.

HGTV has really stepped up its game, and is right up there along side The Food Network and Bravo for engaging programming and motivating promotion.  They've been creating their own celebrities and obviously negotiating great strategic partnerships, including the one with Sherwin-Williams paint that I wrote about this week as well.

I've never watched a lot of HGTV, but it is clearly now in my programming consideration set.  And my "watch" list for great marketing.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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