Tuesday, June 14

High School Graduation

"I can't believe the time has come."  "Wow, how time flies."  "Can you believe it's actually here?"

These are the comments I heard all weekend as we went from celebration to celebration for my daughter's high school graduation.

But not from me ...  I personally do believe that the time has come.  This has been a long time in the making.  And yes, I can believe that it's actually here.  Of course it's here -- this is life and we've been preparing for this moment for 18 years.

I'm not one of those Dads who is sad to see my kids grow up.  I embrace it.  I've spent years preparing them to become adults, so I am not at all surprised to see them become adults.  I love every minute of it.

So as I sat in the audience, I wasn't crying because I was losing my baby.  I was emotional because I know what's ahead for her.  Four of the most amazing years of her life are about to begin.  She has the rest of her life ahead of her and she can make it whatever she wants it to be.  Her "brand" has just begun.

Graduation for me is not the end and it's not closure.

It's a new product launch.

 Sure, it's the recognition of a major accomplishment but it's also the beginning of all that's great ahead.  As we get to the top of one mountain, we start out at the bottom of the next.  What could be more exciting than that?

What's your experience?   Jim.


  1. Love this post. I agree, although I have no children, but imagine that I would have the same reaction. Nice "product launch" metaphor.

  2. Love your blog Jim! For me, I had a range of emotions when my son graduated - sadness that he was moving on as well as joy that it was behind us and excitement about what lies ahead for him. My son is a returning college junior and watching him develop into the man he is becoming is thrilling, scary and amazing! It is indeed a new product launch. If only we could hire a PR team. Instead he'll have to suffice with my not so gentle behind the scenes suggestions.

  3. So true, Beverly. I'm learning that the key is "behind the scenes" suggestions!!! JIM