Wednesday, June 29

Katy Perry

I've been accused of having the musical taste of a sixteen year old girl, and I have no problem with that.  I love pop music, especially if it has a beat.  My obsession must have started in the 70s when "someone left my cake out in the rain."

So I didn't exactly go kicking and screaming with my teenage kids to the Katy Perry concert the other weekend.  She has me feeling like "I'm living a teenage dream."  I honestly had no idea, though, how much I would enjoy it ... from a branding perspective. Nothing wrong with a summer concert either, by the way!

This girl is a brand!  First of all, I knew more of the songs than I probably should admit or ever realized.  Fun pop music that had us all on our feet the entire time.  What struck me most, though, was how consistent her music was to her personality to her costumes to her backup singers to her dancers.  Every element of the show was totally Katy Perry - bright, colorful, full of energy, and a complete ray of sunshine.  Right down to her "dot candy" dress.  Katy Perry is all about being happy with yourself and reaching your potential - read the lyrics of "Firework" and you'll see her brand in action.

Her audience seemed to fit her brand as well - a huge mix of very happy parents with their teen and pre-teen kids, single ladies out for the night, and even couples bouncing along to the beat.  She got a little raunchy here and there, which honestly felt a little off brand to me, but that might be more of the Dad in me than the marketer.

She was a little slice of heaven, with a surprisingly good voice.  She even performed a classic Whitney song, probably a little nod to all the parents in the audience.

Katy Perry - what a great performer and a great brand.

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. As the founder and CEO of Katy Perry Fan Club | Beverly Hills, I was thrilled to read your great article on Katy Perry!

    We agree 100% that Katy Perry is a magnificent entertainer and has established a stellar brand.

    Thanks for your great story!

    G.E. Brant, CEO
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  2. My pleasure ... you have a fun job ... you must be part of her brand! Jim.