Tuesday, June 21

"Me On The Web" by Google

Here's a concept that I didn't see coming:  managing your reputation online.

It's a funny concept but if you think about it, makes total sense.  Social media is a portfolio of public spaces where we all put ourselves out there and others can comment and editorialize.  Our "brand" is out there and people are evaluating it.

Every post, picture, and comment we send out builds toward our online "brand", which I believe should be consistent with the rest of our brand.  It's all building toward our online "reputation", as they say, which again I believe should be consistent with the rest of our reputation.

Over the past year, there have been quite a few online reputation management tools and firms that have cropped up.  The big gun, Google, just entered the picture with "Me On The Web".  Sure, Google Alerts might have been the first step in reputation management (let me know when my name pops up somewhere), but "Me On The Web" makes it so much more official and having Google jump into the game makes the concept so much more legitimate.  We all need to manage how we are represented on the internet and we need to know what others are saying about us.  Particularly if we use the web for our professional "brands".

Klout scores have made some traction as well, but I believe that "Me On The Web" will eventually provide so much more information that just a number to feel good or bad about.  It will show us texture and content that should be useful as we navigate social media spaces.

I'm not sure that it's all fleshed out yet, and there's still a bit of "gaming" in this all.  It's basically just fun to track what people are saying about you.  But I love the concept, and I think we'll be seeing more of this kind of thing as we continue to build our own brands.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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