Friday, June 10

Modern Family

This post is probably a long time coming, but I just have to comment on the show "Modern Family."  I know we are on summer hiatus, but I still continue to watch the shows, even though I have seen most of them.  It's the closest I come to appointment television, at least for scripted tv.

The show is simply amazing.  Yes, it's funny.  And yes, the character development is spot on.  And yes, it's an equal opportunity offender.  All of those things.

But it's also real.  More real than reality television.  I see myself in those characters, I see my family, and I see my friends.  I see the way I want to be and the way I wish I wasn't.  I see my life and all the colors, shapes, emotions, and textures.  It truly is a modern family.

I have even more appreciation for the actors now that I recently saw the entire cast on "Inside the Actor's Studio".  These folks love working with each other, or so it seems.  And by the way they do their craft well -- they are in fact acting because when you see them as people they are not at all like their characters.  Their work is really well done.

I love "Modern Family" because it gives us insight into what is really going on in today's families.  Sure, it's scripted, but as a marketer I'll take an insight from where ever I can take it.

What's your experience?  Jim

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