Wednesday, June 22

P.F. Chang's

I had my first P.F. Chang's dining experience over twenty years ago when I was living in Boston.  It was a one-of-a-kind Chinese food restaurant that brought the genre to a whole new level.  I was impressed with this "China Bistro" ... well done.

I had no idea that it was the start of what might easily be the first and only premium Chinese food restaurant chain.  What's amazing is that the brand has been able to maintain it's great taste and consistency while it has expanded from market to market and beyond.

But not without its cost. Not only is the bill quite high, but have you taken a look at the calorie and fat counts?  Holy spring roll!  That's ok though, with knowledge in hand we can make good choices.

And now at home too!  The brand is introducing a line of home food products that you can cook up on the fly. All the delicious flavors right in your own kitchen.  Just watch the counts, please.  A lot of grocery store food brands have origins from the restaurant scene, I've just never been so personally involved from the beginning.  The restaurant is a staple in my house, although I'm not sure I'll buy into the home foods. But that's just me ... I don't cook Chinese at home, it's a restaurant thing for me.

It's been fun witnessing the growth of a unique brand.  Started out as a unique concept and has just grown and expanded along the way.  Not only from market to market but also from restaurant to home.

Have you tried the brand ... what's your experience?  Can it translate home?  Jim.


  1. I haven't tried this and I probably won't - you nailed my reason with fat and calorie count. From a brand POV it makes sense for a chain like this or California Pizza Kitchen to further expand to the masses. They are there already. However, when Wolfgang Puck went mass with his brand I feel it lost integrity. There was always something special about going to Spago or Chinois. Then one day his cafes started to pop up in malls with menu items that were once exclusive to, e.g, a dining experience on Main Street in Santa Monica. And his pizza is now in the frozen section of grocery stores. For me it took the cache away from his brand.

  2. You nailed that analysis my friend! Jim.