Friday, June 3

Ryka Sneakers

You may not be a fan of Kelly Ripa, or maybe you are, but there's no denying that she's bringing new attention to a brand that's actually been around for awhile.

Ryka Sneakers -- "a voice of women".

The brand actually started in 1987, one of the first to exclusively acknowledge that women's feet (and therefore sneakers) are different than men's.  It's a brand with a great story and a true point-of-difference that you can read about here.

And now they have a new line created by Kelly Ripa ... called RipaRyka.  The brand says that Kelly "embodies everything that is the Ryka woman.

She really is a great spokesperson for a "woman's brand" and she has put that brand on the map, right up there with Nike and Reebok.  But instead of just making her a spokesperson, they actually embedded her into the brand by creating a new line of products.  Not your average spokesperson.

Where did I first hear about it?  Andy Cohen's Bravo TV Show "Watch What Happens" which has a huge demo among women.  Kelly spoke about the brand, gave away sneakers, and most of the advertising during the show was for RipaRyka.

Even though I am not personally a fan, I still say "well done."

What's your experience?  Jim.

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