Friday, June 17

Walgreens Wellness

It's pretty amazing to see how the American drug store has evolved through the years.  Back in the day, it was simply a place to fill a prescription and buy an OTC product or two.  Simple, bare bones, to the point.  Now, it's an entire retail experience across all the OTC and HBA categories as well as food, school supplies, home cleaning, flowers ... you name it.

And now Walgreens is focusing that experience on wellness, and it's really well done if you ask me.  A thorough portfolio of products and services all designed to aid in personal wellness.  An amazing brand in action.

First of all, the brand's line of private label products have become, well, a brand.  Gone are the days when these products were merely knock-offs of well known brands.  They now have an identity of their own, and an advertising campaign to boot.

And the Walgreens wellness services just keep growing, getting richer and richer at each turn:
- Walgreens takecareclinic:  An instore health clinic where you can get simple wellness services from a health care provider with no appointment.  Flu shots, allergy tests, even sports physicals.  Not the first of its kind, but certainly best in class.
- Walgreens Wellness Tour:  In partnership with AARP, Walgreens has a traveling health care bus going to 10 cities to provide quick and easy health care access to senior citizens.  You can even get your body mass measured.  It's happening while we speak.
- Walgreens Wellness Benefit:  a debit card, if you will, offered by employers to help pay for select prescription and OTC products at Walgreens.

Walgreens, just one example of the new evolved drug store.  Offering so much more than just filling prescription drugs.  It's an entire healthcare experience.

What's your experience?  Jim

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