Thursday, June 2

You Are What You Drink ... From

If I were to pick my most favorite part of marketing, I would have to say that it's packaging.  It probably dates back to when I was at Johnson & Johnson ... packaging is so important in image categories like skin care and cosmetics.

For packaging to be really effective in my book, it needs to reinforce the brand essence.  It's another touchpoint that has to work seamlessly with all of the other elements of the marketing mix.

Which is why I've never understood "diet soda".  First of all "diet" doesn't really capture it  but really those big clunky cans that are exactly like everything else in the category just doesn't make sense from a marketing and branding standpoint.

Well finally, someone figured it out.  Diet Pepsi recently introduced the "skinny can"... a tall slender can of diet soda that reinforces the end benefit of the product.  Being tall and thin.  C'mon folks, what took so long.  Also notice the small "diet" and the rather large "0".

It's fabulously simple.  Just a better can that looks better in the hand and makes us feel better about drinking it.  Why would you ever pick a Diet Coke?

A packaging component that is in sync with the brand's message.  Perfection.

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. Jim

    This makes the most sense. A fat can does not fit the image of a diet soda. We accepted it for years and now are having that oh, yeah moment. Now, will this ah ha moment transfer over into functionality for consumers, the retailers that sell as it will now not fit in the soda slots and possibly vending machines and will consumers not get the right feel for the can? Naturally PepsiCo thought of all this and is confident in their decision to change the can so at this point it is in the hands (literally and figuratively) to change their behavior and feel for the can to determine if this is a good move or not.

    I love diet pepsi so much that they could put it in a zip lock back and I would find a way to drink it. I do not represent all of the DP drinkers though.

  2. I'm in the same boat! Love my Diet Pepsi! And you're right ... packaging changes can't be taken lightly because they set off a domino effect of logistics! Thanks for sharing! Jim.

  3. Jim,

    Even when I'm more of a coke girl, I strongly agree with this smart move from Pepsi. Corona already did it a few years ago with the packing of its light beer. Corona realized women were big consumers of this type of beer and transformed its packaging to something more appealing to them as well as more coherent with the "light" message.

  4. Totally agree, it is definitely an appeal to attract women evidenced by the print and outdoor campaign. But I also think it's a nod to what Red Bull has been able to do with their signature size. I like holding the skinny can as well, and I'm a boy!