Friday, July 22

A Burger To Go With That Shake

I didn't do it purposefully, but this week has turned out to be food week on my blog.  I'm just finding all sorts of food trends and food marketing to be interesting this week, and I can't help but write about it.

Today -- it's burgers.  As a nation, we are still obsessed with burgers.  Fast food burgers, gourmet burgers, and everything in between.  It's the in between that I find fascinating, as I witness fast food gourmet burger shops opening up all over the city.

There's 5 Napkin Burger, NY Burger Co, BrGr, Lucky Burger, Good Burger, 5 Guys:  the places are amazing in that the burgers are fabulous and they are fast, some say putting to shame the traditional fast food places.  I find the service to be universally good, and the burgers and fries to be top notch.  Many are pitching the organic and natural goodness to ward off any one's health issues and to differentiate themselves from the big guys.

But even the big big chains are in the game.  Both McDonald's and Burger King (and others) have launched more gourmet burgers themselves, but yesterday I saw sliders at Burger King.  They call them "minis".  Very interesting!

The best thing to go with a burger?  Fries certainly, but even better is a shake!  Just ask Shake Shack.  The other phenomenon is that all of these burger joints are vying for your shake dollar too, and actually entering competitions to be voted the best shake.  Now our calorie counts are indeed high at this point, but let's not go there.  Just enjoy.

Did you know there's a Burger Week?  We missed it this past April!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. Thanks to you, my stomach is competing with my brain for attention. Oh, now they're negotiating. Really? Uh, the brain always gets her way.

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