Wednesday, July 27

Great Wolf Lodge

Water parks ... they are the stuff that summers are made of, right?  Every 4th of July when I go to Williamsburg, VA with my kids, we always always go to the water park there.  It's fun family fantastic.

The Easy River, the long swirling water tubes, the great french fries .... how could the water park experience  possibly get any better?  With pictures!  With social media!

Not sure if you are familiar with Great Wolf Lodge, but the hotel has basically brought the water park experience indoors, within a hotel environment, giving us all year long water park opportunities.  Of course, it ends up looking more like a diaper pool inside a hotel lobby, but let's not go there.  The place is huge and full of fun family fantastic.

Great Wolf Lodge just added a new feature to make the experience even better.  When you enter the park, you are given a wrist band which basically functions as your park pass for your room, rides, charging, you name it.  And now pictures too!  As you pose for pictures throughout the park, your wrist band will automatically post them onto your Facebook page.  How fun family fantastic Facebook is that!

Merging the offline experience with the online sharing function.  I think that's pretty cool and fun for all ages.  A new reason to frequent?  Maybe or perhaps just another dimension to an already pretty amazing brand experience.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. In my small town in Ireland, Enniscrone, Sligo, there is a water park but it is a four foot pool with one basic slide. With all of the rain there, it's indoors, and the kids still love it. Some of the adults too! We don't have wrist bands yet, let alone ones that do anything. I would bet it's a lot cheaper to get in though.

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  3. Thank you so much, appreciate that! Jim.

  4. Hey, the Great Wolf Lodge is in Kansas City! You should come out and make an in-person visit, Jim!

  5. For a little splish splash, right?! My next post will be "live from ... " Jim

  6. I was surprised about this wrist band’s function and never heard it before.
    Is it possible sending the picture not only face-book but E-mail attachment?
    Anyway I need to check this kind of marketing once.
    Thank you for sharing the information.

  7. I think it just goest to Facebook, although I'm not completely sure. I think it's a "share" button that auto posts. It's pretty cool! Jim.

  8. Great post Jim! As more and more businesses are jumping on the social bandwagon, IMO traditional methods of the social experience are starting to get devalued which does impact the brand as well. People have been giving out Facebook Likes and Shares without a second thought plus all these businesses forcing us to Like their pages to participate in contests - for example, forcing me to like a product so I could vote for my neighbors kid in a contest may not get me to care about the product or brand, not unless I'm their target market. These day Likes are mostly lost, hidden or have low priority in the news feed.

    That's what makes GWL's concept so interesting. They're using an innovative approach that ties in relevance + permission marketing to their target market - such shares get higher priority in the news feed; the age old qualitative vs. quantitative. More importantly, it shows that they care for their buyers, which makes for a much better brand experience.

    Below is another post on the subject that might be interesting to you:


  9. I like the strategy. Add real value to a person's life and they will let you in ... not just on the surface level but in a really meaningful way that will build your business and make them happy too. That's a brand experience. Jim