Thursday, July 28

Worst Timing Ever

Mama always told me that using celebrities in advertising was risky, and boy oh boy was she right.

File this under "Worst Timing Ever."

Kohl's, the hottest ticket in retail right now, launched a promotion featuring none other than JLo and Marc Anthony.  Ouch.  You and a best friend can win a trip to NYC to visit their favorite spots and participate in a fashion launch.  Here's the Facebook page to prove it!

The promotion is part of an upcoming launch of each of their new clothing lines at Kohl's.  Perhaps originally designed to work together, they are now two separate lines still slated to hit stores in September.

This could be the land of a thousand jokes, but the lesson learned here is that there ARE many surprises in marketing.  Many.  And when you work with third parties outside of your brand, you are taking a big risk.  Just ask anyone who has been working with Tiger Woods.  Or Michael Phelps.  Or Britney Spears.

Of course in this case, the timing couldn't be any worse.  I feel bad for the marketing folks at Kohl's.  They are working very hard and are extremely successful building an amazing shopping experience at Kohl's, one that is beating out all the others at the moment.  They didn't need this right now.  None of us marketers would need this right now.   Although I suspect that in the end they'll be just fine.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. "We plan to remain friends, and of course we have a clothing line together, so our important focus will be making sure that it's marketed properly and it knows mommy and daddy both love it."

  2. And as a friend of mine just posted on Facebook, it's ok because it's a line of separates! Jim.

  3. I'm on the fence about how this will play out for Kohl's. My guess is they will do fine. They will have to juggle around the original strategy but in the end it should be successful for the store.

    I think we live in a very forgiving society - with a very short memory. Unless I missed something because I am not paying much attention to the tabloids, it doesn't sound like there is a whole lot of drama (like swinging golf clubs and sexting) involved. It's a divorce and nobody even blinks at that. At the end of the day business is business and that is something that both JLo and Marc understand very well. I can see them rising above their personal situation to honor such commitments.

  4. That's my take too ... although I'll bet money that JLo's line does better ;)

  5. It seems to me that William and Kate are the only couple that can be relied upon (or at least until the heir and the spare) to be a safe "couple" bet. I don't see them going into endorsements though.

  6. Good bet, yes. Doubt it'll ever happen! Jim.

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