Monday, August 1

Christmas in July

It may be August 1st, but it's still Christmas in July for marketing.

It's a common theme in the world of public relations, as we try to get our brands mentioned in all the holiday gift guides, catalogs, and publications that are being planned right now to be in market November and December.  It's a busy time of year ... I can hear Christmas carols in my head and it's 110 degrees in the shade.

Same is true for Pepsi.  One of my students from my class at NYU turned me onto a new campaign she saw for Pepsi, featuring Santa Claus on vacation.  Coca-Cola has longed owned the vintage images of Santa drinking a Coke while working with the elves and delivering presents.  But alas, Pepsi is now showing us that he drinks the "other cola" when he's not working.  The copy captures the hook ... I'm on vacation, I'll have a Pepsi instead!  Here's the tv spot.

Brilliant.  There's also a huge outdoor billboard campaign ... feels like Pepsi and Santa own NYC right now.

I really respect the intelligence of the campaign.  You do have to stop and think about it certainly, but when you get it you really get it.  Although even if you don't, it's still fun to see Santa on vacation!  Associating that with the Pepsi brand is very smart.

The other thing that always starts to happen in July?  Speculation about the Super Bowl. Are brands in or out?  What's the price per spot?  In the past, Pepsi has opted for social media to replace the expensive spots.  Speculation is just starting ...

I love the cola wars!  It's a marketer's dream, and as I always say "marketing is a spectator sport" so let's watch it play out!

Happy Summer!  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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