Tuesday, August 30

Hint Water

The search for the ultimate beverage may be over for some of us.  I know I am supposed to be drinking more water, but the taste is just so bland to me.  Can't really get enough of it down.  But I also know that I need to get artificial sweeteners out of my life and I really need to cut down on caffeine.  The problem is that a lot of those flavored waters actually have a lot of calories.

Enter Hint Water.  Just pure water accented with a natural flavor.  No sugar, no artificial sweetener, no calories.  No caffeine either.  Just water with a little flavor ... actually a full range of flavors.  As the tagline says, "Drink Water, Not Sugar."

But the water category is not a passive one, so the brand took a page out of vitamin and coconut water marketing by using influencers to get their message out.  Lots of Hollywood parties with pictures and videos of celebrities trying the product.  Even celebrity investors to show steak behind all the sizzle.  Classic influencer marketing to show trend setters passing along the latest and greatest.  Guess we can add "the water wars" to our list of over-the-top competitive categories!

Know how I found out about it?  On the side of a truck as it was making a delivery to my local deli.    That's why I always say that it's about multiple touchpoints working consistently to spread the word. All this influencer marketing and I first see it on a delivery truck!  Perhaps you are just finding out about it here as well?!

Have you tried Hint ... what's your experience?


Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. You're right, Jim. It's vital to take advantage of every touch point you can to reach current and potential customers.

    Having been in a business that had a lot of trucks, the reach of truck-side images is incredible. Unfortunately, we could never quite convince our operations people of the value of those images for us or to others who might want to purchase them.

  2. We often pay so much attention to paid and earned touch points that we forget about the ones we might already own - that is if you have your own trucks! Jim.