Wednesday, August 3

Sharpie Urges Self Expression

Today's blog post is a sequel from one of the great young talents at my agency.  Here Brooke Aronoff re-examines a comprehensive campaign from Sharpie, giving it new texture.  What's your experience, Brooke?  Jim.

It is only fair that I give a shout out to Jim for his blog post last August which highlights Sharpie's genius campaign "Uncap What's Inside."  Well here's another stamp of approval as this campaign, once again, effortlessly hits on every emotional element of this most functional product.

Positioning itself as the face behind self-expression (note from Jim:  brilliant!), Sharpie kicks off back-to-school season with a revamped website that celebrates its fans and their creativity.  The new site includes a virtual gallery of user-generated Sharpie creations among many other new features.  My favorite Sharpie enthusiast by far is shining star Erica Domesek, who demonstrates true DIY style by using a Sharpie fabric marker to turn a pencil case into a stylish purse.  Genius!

Aside from showcasing four avid Sharpie users throughout the brand's TV, print, and online ads, Sharpie is taking its new campaign even one step further.  On August 27th, Sharpie will be taking over YouTube and sharing your beloved Sharpie creations to the world.  All you have to do is simply upload your Sharpie doodle, picture, drawing, or anything onto its website and it will be part of the YouTube makeover.  How cool is that?  (PS, I am currently uploading mine now!)

Sharpie's effort to focus primarily on the consumer and their unique masterpieces allows them to connect with their target market, and in turn develop that emotional connection between consumer and brand, something that many brands struggle with every day.  It is no wonder that Sharpie continues to be the most popular permanent marker (60% market share!).

So embrace the tagline "Uncap What's Inside" and get your creative juices flowing ... see you on YouTube on the 27th!

- Brooke Aronoff from the account team at Lippe Taylor

PS from Jim:  I actually have a rather large piece of artwork at home that was done completely with a black Sharpie ... people who visit marvel at it!

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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