Tuesday, September 20

Dior J'Adore Perfume

Yesterday I reported on the new collection from Sofia Vergara at Kmart -- she was the big winner at the Emmys Sunday night IMHO.  And that blog post became my highest readership day so far!  I guess a lot of people enjoyed the insights and creativity coming out of that advertising.

But there was another brand that made a huge statement at the Emmys that is also worth a shout out.  Dior J'Adore Perfume with Charlize Theron.  This is not a new advertising campaign, but boy the brand is breeding new life into it with this new execution.

The television commercial is actually a cut of a more extended piece of film, where Charlize is prepping for a runway show with other Hollywood female icons through the ages.  I'll let you count how many, there are quite a few.  Take a look here.

It's film making at its finest, especially when for commercial purposes.  And so befitting the Dior brand and the Charlize Theron brand as well.  Putting both brands up on par with the best of the best.  Quite appropriate I would say.  And quite a show stopper for sure.

Perhaps very different from Sofia Vergara for Kmart, but both equally impressive pieces of marketing.  Although both arguably very sexy in their own way -- one old classic Hollywood and one very modern woman.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. Love Charlize, love that J'adore Dior campaign, well done.

  2. I too, love this entire campaign. My favorite is the commercial that shows Charlize strutting and stripping simultaneously down a long hallway to some sultry music... it really makes me want to love the fragrance... unfortunately, I don't!

  3. At least it makes you want to try!!! Jim.