Wednesday, September 21

FedEx vs. Hollywood

I am not one of those people who says that television advertising is dead.  Changing, yes.  Losing its dominance, yes.  Dead, no.

It's been a good week for television advertising.  Sure, a lot of the new fall line up is starting so that's always a big boost.  But also it just feels like the creativity and storytelling and insights are ramped up again.  Maybe it's just me, but television advertising seems to have gotten its mojo back again.

First I reported on Sofia Vergara for Kmart, and the incredibly insightful and creative television advertising launch.  Then yesterday, I admired Dior's spot with Charlize Theron where the brand aligns with some of Hollywood's biggest icons.

Today I am featuring a spot for FedEx, which does what really good advertising should do:  make you think differently about the brand.  Elevate it in your mind.  Make you realize that it's even more important than you ever thought before.

In the spot, FedEx shows us some of the most important work it can possibly do (save lives) ... but the brand is poised against the superficial CGI world of Hollywood, showing that FedEx does the work of super action adventure heroes ... but it's real life.  It's an amazing story.

Brilliant.  Totally makes me realize the true value of FedEx, something that advertising was always meant to do.  Keep up the great work, advertisers!

BTW -- it's not just on appointment television that we are exposed to these spots.  On-demand, online, movie theater, and certainly Youtube (just to name a few).  Not just for television anymore!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. Thanks for pointing out this ad, Jim. Having been in the transportation biz for many years (and competing against FedEx all that time), it absolutely rings true. For all the excitement of virtual worlds, a lot of things (although fewer all the time) have to physically move from one place to another. It's transportation and supply chain companies that make that happen on a daily basis.

    Interestingly, we did a TV commercial for our B2B transportation brand back in the late 1990s that had some of the same sensibilities seen in the FedEx ad. Because I've never directly blogged about my former job, there are a lot of great lessons and marketing assets which I haven't shared and don't exist online. Now that the brand which generated most of that material doesn't exist anymore, it may be the time to share those lessons.

    Thanks for getting me excited about the FedEx ad and a potentially whole new direction for the Brainzooming blog!

  2. That's awesome, Mike ... we always like hearing about past experiences. It makes our "brand" :)

  3. Cool spot. Hadn't seen on television. Definitely cuts through the clutter.