Saturday, September 24

Good Week for Television

It's been a good week for television, don't you think?  Sunday night was The Emmys, which although predictable and not the best ever, they did kick off a week of new Fall television programming.

Glee came back, Two And A Half Men (with Ashton), The Office (not to mention the new shows) ... there was a lot of buzz.  And although truthfully I didn't have the time to catch a single episode, this week did get me thinking.  As I heard everyone chatting about the shows, I didn't hear one comment about reality shows.  Usually all the buzz is about Real Housewives or Flipping Out or Top Chef.  Not a peep.

So I am wondering ... is scripted tv coming back?  I have to say that I do love scripted tv.  And while I jumped on the bandwagon of the Real Housewives, there's nothing like a well written story line.  Look at Modern Family - the writing is stupendous.  Character development is inspiring.  Chemistry is explosive.

OK, I'm going overboard but hopefully you get where I am going.  I think, maybe, just maybe, scripted tv is going to shine this year over reality tv.  I am certainly going to tune in.

What do you think ... what's your experience?  Jim

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. I LOVE scripted television. Modern Family never ceases to entertain me. Last night I watched Pan Am and I was not disappointed. It brought me back to the glory days of travel with interwoven story lines. I'm already hooked!

  2. I missed Pan Am last night, and am so bummed. But I will catch up. I'm personally done with The Real Housewives ... I'm going all scripted this season! Jim.

  3. you always have to control the "dosage" of the reality shows, otherwise it might shift your "common sense" to who knows what dimension. I always appreciate networks like CNBC, which offer wide range of the extremely informational and interesting shows, like one I just finished watched tonight on "Coffee addiction". It unmistakably connects the viewer with the reality. I bet the network got a large spike in viewership after "Coffee addiction" show where Scott Wapner covered not just "how it's made" but highlighted the industry by bringing in the titans like "Starbucks" and "Green mountain coffee". P.S. on a side note I did watched "Millionaire matchmaker" on Bravo @9p.m.

  4. Always fun to check in with Bravo!!! Jim