Tuesday, September 13

Missoni for Target

The day that the world has been waiting for has finally come -- September 13th -- Missoni for Target hits the stores today.  Even I am getting into the hype -- look I'm even writing about it.

Target is becoming pretty good at this by now.  Isaac Mizrahi may have started the successful string of designer collaborations, but the retailer has perfected it over the years.  Now they use the new lines to create early demand that drives traffic into the stores.  Brilliant.

The Missoni products are only available until October 22nd, so clearly Target wants you in the stores early and often.  And we all know from experience with the Liberty of London and Calypso collaborations, that the merchandise will move fast.  Those distinctive wig wags of color are the "must have" for Fall -- available in home, office, fashion, and accessories.  The brand is best known for its knitwear and was started in Italy in 1953.  But it's the dishes that I've got to get my hands on!

The brand gave some industry insiders and bloggers a sneak peek last week (very smart), and even that turned into a madhouse!  The pop up store during Fashion's Night Out last week was gone in a matter of minutes, or so it seemed.  The social media channels have been on fire for months, and those events certainly gave it all a boost too.  Just this morning there were only a few items available online ... with more coming soon!  I bet there will be a line forming early in the morning, you just watch!  In the meantime, take a look at the awesome tv spot that's been running and getting us all to salivate.

These people know what they are doing!  I just love great marketing in action!

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. It actually sounds like this is entering crisis management mode. Ultimately I think Target can redeem itself by extending the agreement with the designer - but only to a certain extent. While the idea is make Missoni attainable to a wider audience, there still had to be some level of exclusivity to maintain the brand's integrity. It will be interesting to see how this is resolved. Whatever happens the goal should be to make sure the customer walks away with a positive experience.