Friday, September 16

Schweddy Balls

I got so caught up in Target Tuesday this week, that I forgot all about last week's social media buzz ... Schweddy Balls ... Ben & Jerry's latest ice cream flavor.  Talk about having a sense of humor!

Remember the classic Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin? OMG, I still crack up!

Well now these Schweddy Balls are here for our pleasure .... it's vanilla ice cream with rum and fudge along with milk chocolate malt balls.

Now Schweddy Balls may not last forever.  It's a limited edition, pints only, and an exclusive to Ben & Jerry's stores.  But we can all get our hands on the social media promotion and send a Schweddy Balls greeting card to our online friends.  Kills me!

I am so impressed how the brand just went for it.  Can you just hear the debate in the conference room about this being too risky?  It'll offend people, it'll destroy the brand ... what about the kids?  The brand went for it.  The social media buzz was over the top last week, almost all positive (if that's any indication).  The move is also completely on character for the brand, so why not?

Sure, some may be offended.  But I have a feeling that the brand loyalists love it, and given the fact that it's only available in Ben & Jerry's stores, I think this was a gift to their consumers.  A wink and a nod to say thanks.  And a nice little breather in an otherwise chaotic world right now.  We could all use a little giggle, that's for sure.

Thank you Ben & Jerry's.  What's your experience?  Jim

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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  1. I agree - I think their consumer base will love it! I'll be trying it, that's for sure.