Monday, September 19

Sofia Vergara for Kmart

Last night was The Emmy Awards, and although she didn't win, the big winner was Sofia Vergara.

First of all, she is part of the ensemble cast of the best show on television (IMHO), the winner of best comedy series again.  Second of all, she was wearing the "it" color (a shade of red) and looked amazing as always.

But most importantly, she launched her new clothing line which debuts at Kmart this week.  Timing is everything.

It's the week after New York Fashion Week and a week after the whole Missoni "thing" (let's just call it a "thing") ... we still want more but want to hear from some new folks.  It's also the Emmys which is really just as much about women's fashion as it is about television.

The line looks great, but her "line" is even better:  "You are a woman, so dress like a woman".

I work in fashion and beauty, and I've seen a lot.  It's hard to break through the clutter, especially with mass fashion.  Target is so "on it" along with H&M and the others including Walmart.  How on earth does a brand break through?

Kmart did!  The new television commercial nails it!  Shows how any woman of any size or ethnicity can carry the Sofia Vergara sexiness -- show your style, show your curves -- you are a woman, so dress like a woman.  I love it!

I know it's hard to think of Kmart as a fashion destination (although I do love my Jaclyn Smith from back in the day) ... but I also think that this messaging and "designer" just might do the trick.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

BTW -- the "pageant" for the best comedy actress stole the Emmys show!


  1. Agreed, Jim. Also like their new ads with Gordon Ramsey. However, as a Kmart follower (it's HQ'd in my hometown -- Detroit), they have a LOT more work to do. On such things as: Inventory, merchandise, customer service, and their SMELL! Their stores smell the SAME way they did in the 1960s when I went there as a kid.

  2. Indeed ... the experience has to be consistent! Hopefully they are working on rounding it out. Jim.