Wednesday, September 14

Target Tuesday

Sure there's Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- but thanks to Missoni there is now also Target Tuesday.

What a scene yesterday, both online and off!  As many predicted, the response to Missoni's limited edition line at Target was fast and furious.  The website crashed on and off all day long, and the merchandise in the stores was gone in a matter of hours.  Lines were forming well before the stores even opened.  The hoarding behavior was described by many as "disgusting."  Sounds lovely.

Certainly the social media outlets were having a field day!  I had "friends" reporting in all day!  So although it was Fashion Week in New York and Kristie Alley was seen walking the runway there, it was Target that captured all the attention.

This is getting intense, to tell you the truth.  And although I'm a marketer and I understand demand creation, I do think there's a limit.  When stuff runs through that fast, so much so that the average Target shopper can't even get to it, then something is off balance.  The price or the inventory or the created hype -- something is off balance.  And although some would argue that it's great marketing (they'd be right), I would opt for a better brand experience personally.  I am a loyal Target shopper and this kind of turned me off.

And although I originally wanted some of those dishes, I don't anymore.  Not at that cost.  Literally.

I still give the brand credit, and as a marketer I do respect what they are doing.  As a personal consumer of the brand, not so much.  Just imagine what will happen when Jimmy Choo and Versace show up at H&M later this season.

What do you think ... what's your experience?  Jim

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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  1. I hear that everything is popping up on ebay -- guess that explains the hoarding mentality. Dilike. Jim.