Wednesday, September 7

When Does White Wear Out?

Today's blog post comes from a post on my Facebook page yesterday on the age old debate:  is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?

First of all, summer is not over on Labor Day.  We officially have until September 20th ... and thanks to global warming (sorry), the good weather (at least in the Northeast) can last well into November.  I've been known to knock around Manhattan in shorts over Thanksgiving weekend, I'll have you know.

The "white" rule to me is old school.  The ability to wear white is completely dependent on weather and location.  It needs to be over 70 degrees and sunny, that's the determining factor, at least for me.  But in Miami it's always cool to wear white.

Otherwise white is off limits on the lower part of my body.  I just don't like a man in white jeans or white pants when it gets cooler out.  I just don't think it works IMHO.  If you know me then you know I am not sexist in any way, but women have a little more wiggle room here.  White jeans or a white skirt can still work, but I'd still prefer it to be warm out.  But that can still happen way after Labor Day.

Having said all of that ... the over riding factor here should be if white is within your brand or not -- your personal brand.  I've seen many a people pull off what I couldn't ever even attempt to wear because white in the winter is still part of their brand.  It's just not part of mine ... unless I'm in Miami.  I wish I was in Miami.

So stay true to your personal brand and then time of year and old school rules won't matter. White may never wear out for you.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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