Sunday, October 2

Dolphin Tale

I just finished another semester of my marketing class at NYU.  I love spending time with people who are into marketing and want to keep learning.  It's my own journey too, which is why I keep coming back for more.  Marketing is a spectator sport, and we can all learn from each other.

One of my students, Monika Arafa, just finished the program with the completion of my class.  She is indicative of the makeup of the students:  multicultural, bilingual -- from a wide range of backgrounds.  The class is a true melting pot, just like New York itself.

Today Monika writes a blog post about an experience at the movies with her son.  I love how she relates the emotional connection between those with handicaps and the theme of the movie.  After all, we all have a handicap in one way or another.

What's your experience, Monika?  Jim.

Today is one of those rainy days, I woke up saying, "ok my son is off from school and I had made plans for him but with this weather it will be difficult to do any outdoor activities."  I talked to him and we decided to go to the movie theater.  I'm not always so excited about the movies since I usually get so bored, but I said to myself, "let's just go."

We ended up going to the movie Dolphin Tale.  While we are buying the tickets he met his friends from school so I realized that he will enjoy it more because they will all sit together and comment.  The movie started and it was in bold 3D.  I didn't concentrate much because I was thinking about what our professor in my NYU class talked about and I was thinking about the paper that we have to write.

Then I remembered that he said that we can write a blog post too.  But I am no good at all in writing and I don't know what to write about.  At this point my son told me that I am not concentrating so I quickly said to him, "yes, yes."

The movie is about a Dolphin that a small boy found without a tail on the shore and tried to rescue him.  The conclusion, or what impressed me most about this movie, was about the Dolphin and how many handicapped people felt related to him since he was missing his tail.  The young boy who found him tried to raise money to help the Dolphin.  He reached out to TV and other people to raise the money and in the end he succeeded.

I came out of the move saying, "I love marketing," not that I didn't know that before.  Since I was a kid I was always watching only the commercials (note from Jim:  me too!) and skipping the movies, but this movie made me feel we can market and brand anything.

Not only the products in our daily life.  We can market human needs and in fact we have been marketing ourselves in our daily life since we are born.

This was my movie experience and how I related it to my life.

- Monika Arafa, student at NYU

Congratulations, Monika!!!

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect
Professor at NYU


  1. Monika,
    I love your post. Great reminder that we do in fact Market ourselves every day by how we choose to live.
    Good for you for understanding the impact you might have on someone’s life no matter how ‘insignificant’ that act might seem. Love how you inspire your students.

  2. Number one at the box office this weekend!!! Jim.