Wednesday, October 5

Dumpster In A Bag

Proving my point that anything and everything can be a brand, I saw a tv segment the other day for "Dumpster in a Bag" (with a circle R) and I couldn't believe my eyes.  So I had to do a little digging.

"Dumpster in a Bag" (with a circle R), or "Bagster" as the company calls it, is the latest innovation coming out of the company Waste Management -- the folks that pick up our trash every week.  Who knew that the sanitation guys were a brand?

Not only are they a brand, they are a complete suite of products, services, and educational information.  The newest is "Bagster" (with a circle R) -- a nice little plastic bag (looks like the IKEA blue bag actually) that you buy at your local home improvement store.  It's all folded up nice and tidy and easy to carry.

Open it up and it holds up to 3300 pounds of junk.   Perfect for a DIY project or Spring cleaning.  When it's full, you call Waste Management who comes and picks it up by its handles.  This replaces those awful, huge, steel dumpsters.  Complete with curb side service.

I just think this is so cool.  Branding a dumpster and a trash removal service.  Now I don't use this particular brand of trash removal at my home, but I do know that my service offers a point system for recycling.  The more you recycle, the more you earn points for gift cards at local merchants.  Brilliant.

Anything can be a brand.  And anything can be turned into a higher order benefit!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. There is no doubt we are living in a brand Era! Whether we realize it or not we all have a mental blueprint of brands; virtually anything can be branded nowadays, from products and people to objects and even nations.
    Nations can also become a "brand", not always deliberately but as long as it's a positive image it is all cool: France for food, Spain for tourism, USA for freedom. A nation gets a brand identity based on its consistency of delivering a quality product.

  2. Very true about countries ... those with a heritage that they consistently "promote" become great brands too. Love the thinking. Jim.

  3. I actually saw a Bagster in my neighborhood the other day ... very cool. And I saw them on display at Home Depot. This is pretty revolutionary for trash disposal IMHO. Jim.

  4. It's been so nice that the brand has been engaging with me on twitter -- they really do get it! Good work! Jim.

  5. Do you take advantage of Recyclebank's recycling programs? Check out this video.

  6. I know, they are very well done. Jim.