Monday, October 31

My Webinar

This coming Thursday, November 3rd at Noon EST, I will host a webinar about Building the Brand Experience.  It's sponsored and managed by TicketLeap, a company that helps other companies to ticket and promote their own events.  A great group of folks who do great work, helping brands make the most of their event marketing.

The webinar will be a mix of content from various speaking engagements I've been doing the past few months as well from my class at NYU.  All of it of course based on my book, "The Experience Effect."  We will hit elements of the brand experience, and take a look at brands who are doing it well in the marketplace.  We'll explore Netflix, Coca-Cola, J.Crew, American Express, and Ragu.  I'm sure Apple and Starbucks will come up ... it's hard to talk about brands without mentioning those two cultural icons.  And because you can't talk about the brand experience without talking about social media, we'll do a little exploring there too.

My agency Lippe Taylor will be live tweeting the entire time as well.  You can register for it free right here.

I hope you'll like it.  I always say that marketing is a spectator sport so we will spend a lot of time looking at what others brands are doing and we will learn from them.  The marketing industry is a small world so let's get to know each other in the process.

I cherish the relationships that I've built through the years.  You just never know when you'll meet a new "friend."  Take TicketLeap as an example.  The Senior Director of Sales and Marketing there was a student of mine at NYU over the summer.  And now he's hosting one of my webinars.  The world is a big circular ride, so jump on!

Hope to "see" you on Thursday ... so you can tell me about your experience.  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. That was a great webinar! Thanks for all the scoop and I am intrigued by your corporation as well. New fans from Pennsylvania!

  2. That's so sweet! I live in PA ... Bucks County! JIM