Monday, October 10

Out of Respect ...

... or just an amazingly timed excuse?

Samsung just announced a delay in the launch of its new smartphone, one expected to take a bite out of Apple (sorry, that was so cheesy).

Just for perspective, Samsung is often credited for being the one competitor that actually makes Apple quiver.  The company says it is delaying the launch out of respect for the loss of Steve Jobs last week.  Probably not a bad idea, actually, given all the press that the innovator's passing has been getting.

But the cynic in me says that it's just a well-timed excuse.  I can't believe that a publicly traded company would delay new says out of respect for a competitor, even for someone as gi-normous as Steve Jobs.

Either way, Samsung is getting more press right now than it probably would have otherwise.  Look, I'm writing about it!

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. I agree with you on this. You know the expression..."It's just business?" Apple, itself, didn't delay the launch and pre-orders of the iPhone 4S and if they did it would have made more sense than this.

    It's kind of shameless when you think about it. But I guess if they're getting attention and buzz, "it's just business."

  2. "It's just business." "Don't take it personally." "I don't mean to be rude." --- so true! Jim.