Thursday, October 6

Steve Jobs

I'm not sure that any of us really feel the enormity of the passing of Steve Jobs quite yet.  I think it's probably fair to say that this man, as a CEO of a publicly traded company, has had more impact on our lives than any other CEO. Or at the very least, he is part of a very short list of CEOs who have infiltrated our lives to this extent.

This man, along with others for sure, changed the face of personal computing (Apple, iPad), animated films (Pixar), listening to music (iPad), connecting with each other (iPhone), etc.  His work has evolved how we all get through our day, do our work, enjoy our free time, and communicate.  I can't think of another CEO who has had such impact on my life, that's for sure.

What I admire most about Steve Jobs is how he made the user experience so easy and intuitive.  Now maybe it wasn't Steve who did all of that, but it was under his watchful eye.  And that's what CEOs do -- inspire, innovate, guide, and direct.  He's a shining example for us all.

And it's not like it all came easy to him.  He had very humble beginnings, working out of his parent's garage.  There was controversy and drama and strife along the way, but he plowed through it all and came out a winner.  Good for him, and great for his family as they carry his memory and legacy forward.

I know that I will always remember Steve Jobs as the CEO who had the greatest positive impact on my life.  An amazing brand, an amazing innovator, an amazing brand experience.  RIP, rest in good memories.

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. Great post Jim, and oh so true.

    The one thing that strikes me is how he followed his gut and heart. Last night after hearing the news, I watched a video of his 2005 address to Stanford grads. He drove an important point in the speech -- the importance of following what you believe. It touched me, especially in light of the fact that I had to make a tough decision along those lines earlier in the day. I felt better about it; knowing I'd done the right thing, after hearing him speak in the video.

    I stole this from Tory Burch's Facebook page: "He was the Thomas Edison of our time...and the Henry Ford...and the Walt Disney."

  2. That is so true! Thanks for sharing. I actually was thinking about the Henry Ford as an icon and innovator as well. Jim.

  3. Jobs was a true iCon -- that says it all. It's also very ironic that most people learned of of his death via devices and/or apps created by or partnered with Apple.

  4. Thanks for the great post! There are a lot of posts and news articles about the huge loss in this era, but yours is one of the best, I think. Many people say that it was a great honor to work in the same field or live in same era with him. Especially my home country, Korea, many people feel sad about his death. I can see how powerful icon he was. I hope he could rest in peace without pain.

  5. Comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted: "RIP Steve Jobs. Closest thing we had to Tony Stark."

    I thought that was pretty cool.

  6. Thanks Amie - it was awesome to read all the tributes today! Jim.

  7. Steve Job's devotion to what he loved and did the best was unthinkable. It's pretty hard to imagine Apple without him; and what a devastation for his close friends, family and ppl who were engaged with him on everyday basis to see him go, if there is an enormous amount of grief in strangers' hearts all over the world.

  8. So true - perfect strangers are sad so imagine his friends and family. Jim.