Wednesday, October 12

Take a Sheet

I love when a brand has a sense of humor.  It's wonderful to see the entertaining side of marketing - when it's done right.

Which is why I've been smiling every day on my walk to the office, passing many executions of a new outdoor campaign for a new energy product.  But this isn't another energy drink or a water with some added benefit ... it's a dissolving sheet that you put on your tongue that gives you energy ... ala the Listerine strips that were all the rage not too long ago.

Having a strip give you energy is quite the innovation, if you ask me.  You don't have to drink a bottle of Red Bull to get a little boost.  Plus as the brand says, "No calories. No crash. Great taste."  Now that's a big benefit in this category.

The television commercial sums up the personality of the brand:  "Where do you take a sheet?"  The outdoor campaign that I see everyday features different people from different walks of life (much like the website), each proudly stating where they take a sheet.  You can even see where Pitbull takes a sheet.

Now AdWeek recently named this campaign "the low point of the year," and I can honestly see why.  It's potty humor and it's low.  But it's also entertaining, it breaks through, it provides a brand experience, and it's incredibly consistent from element to element.  In my book, that's all good.  If it resonates with the target consumer, then there's nothing wrong.  If it alienates those they are trying to engage, well that's another story.

Ultimately, sales will be the judge.  And longevity I suppose.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. This ad campaign is very noticeable: This is one of the few that I know that people either love or hate, there is no in-between. I, personally, not crazy about it. Sheet tried being hilarious, and it definitely catches your eye. Isn't that what they are trying to do. After all, liking this ad doesn't make one an idiot ( that's why reality TV is so successful).

  2. I'll admit, I like a good "off color" joke. And I don't think that alone makes me an idiot! :) Jim.