Wednesday, November 9

ChapStick and Morton's

This is a tale of two social media extremes:  ChapStick and Morton's.  I always say that "marketing is a spectator sport," so let's learn from these two great examples, almost in real time.

In the one corner we have ChapStick who launched a new print ad campaign that encouraged people to talk about "where do lost ChapSticks go" featuring a unflattering picture of a woman looking behind her couch, butt in mid-air.  The ad actually encouraged consumers to post their stories on their Facebook page.

The problem is that many people did not like the photo, and commented on that.  So what did the brand do?  They deleted the comments.  And deleted them again.  And again.  Finally, after looking completely out of it, they posted a semi-apology that fell on deaf ears.  It came off a little too insincere, and certainly a little too late.

Lesson Learned:  don't delete commentary.  Encourage it, join it, respond to it.  Let others respond to it.  You'll be amazed how your "fans" will rise to the occasion on social media.  If you make a mistake, then own it.  It is a dialogue after all, isn't it?

Next up is Morton's Steak House.  Peter Shankman is a highly influential man in the social media realm.  And I believe that on a total lark he sent a tweet to Morton's saying that he was dying for one of their steaks and could they please meet him with one when he lands at Newark Airport.  Sure enough, Morton's not only saw the tweet, but met him at the gate with a steak cooked to his perfection.  Doesn't hurt that he's a loyal customer and that he has a big network of "friends."  He's been tweeting about it and writing about it ever sense.  And here (hear) I am repeating it.

Lesson Learned:  responses don't just have to be online.  A little "surprise and delight" can go a long way to building your brand's experience and reputation (and network).

I just love marketing!  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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