Monday, November 14

Taxi of Tomorrow

I was walking to work the other day, through the Flatiron District of New York City and I noticed what appeared to be a press conference and a brand new taxi on display.  Curious, I wandered over to hear the announcement for the "Taxi of Tomorrow," the culmination of a four-year search for car manufacturers to create the next NYC Taxi Cab.  While many brands competed, Nissan won and created the "Taxi of Tomorrow."

It is still very iconic in style and color, that's for sure.  There's nothing more telegraphic that a yellow cab.  Along with being "green" and energy efficient, the car has been designed to be much safer for riders and pedestrians.  Like doors that slide open so as to avoid taking out bikers with a swinging door.

The website is quite interesting, celebrating the NYC Taxi, complete with songs that have made mention of it.  Pretty cool ... my favorite is the one from Springsteen.  I mean, he's as much a part of NYC and NJ as the taxi itself.

Ironically, it must have been the day of the taxi for me because then just a few blocks away I saw a display for a new sneaker from New Balance inspired by the taxi.  Bright yellow with patches of black, it really did remind me of a NYC taxi which is why I first noticed.  Turns out it's just the first in a string of new sneakers under the "New Balance 480 Limited Edition" line.  Not sure I would wear them, but I do think it's pretty cool.

The iconic NYC cab and its bold new future.  Makes it seem like the taxi is a bit of a brand unto itself.  I mean, you can like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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