Friday, November 18

Walmart Holiday Spot

I just love watching television advertising during the holidays ... for me it's a huge part of the holiday tradition.  Maybe it was that first Folgers spot from when I was a kid, you know the one where the big brother comes home from college.

I just love all the raw emotion and heart strings that get pulled.  The holidays are all about family and friends getting together.  It's particularly poignant this year because my daughter is coming home from college for the holidays for the first time.  OK, I'm a sucker.

Which is why when a colleague at work last night told me about a new commercial for Walmart, I was all ears.  She told me that it had her crying in less than thirty seconds.  Walmart?

So I searched for it on YouTube, and a half a minute later I was in the same boat.

Beautifully produced, wonderfully written, and completely insightful ... the quick little spot tells a story of a big sister helping her little sister by telling her all the things that their mommy taught her.  There's no mommy in the picture, though, so the story starts to take shape ... and then wham!

The rest I will leave for you to view yourself.

For the first time this year, may I say "Happy Holidays!"

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect


  1. It's a beautiful spot. It would be nice to see Wal Mart support the theme with a philanthropic program for military families.

  2. It's great to know I'm not the only one who gets a secret thrill from tear-jerking, emotionally manipulative holiday ads. Thanks for admitting it. Enjoy those special daughter-is-home from college moments. They are precious.