Thursday, December 1

Banned Ad from Prada

We tend to think that the advertising (and marketing) coming out of Europe is so much more provocative and sexy than here in the US, and in many cases that's true.  The UK, however, seems to be cracking down much more aggressively on advertisers who appear to "cross the line" shall we say.  Perhaps they are not as accepting as we once thought.

Last year we saw two ads from L'Oreal get pulled because of "excessive retouching."  And just recently an ad for Miu Miu (owned by Prada) was forced to be pulled for being "irresponsible."  The ad featured a relatively young woman (current "it" girl Hailee Steinfeld) sitting on a railroad track looking rather upset.

The brand claims it was merely a high-fashion photograph but others thought it was far too disturbing.  I tend to agree that it is a bit over the line ... and makes you wonder about the emotions and life of this person.  Which is probably what the brand intended to create to some extent.  I find it a little unsettling but I am sure that there are just as many people who find the creative just fine.

The question for me is whether or not this stuff should get regulated.  Should a piece of advertising that some consider to be in bad taste be pulled from the market?  To some extent I guess I could say yes, but I'm not sure where to draw the line.  Part of me says just don't buy the product if you don't buy into its brand experience.  Because part of me says that I'm not sure I trust where the line will get drawn for what some people consider to be unacceptable.  I can be the judge of that for myself and for my own brand purchases.

If I don't like what the brand is doing, I won't participate.  Simple as that.  Perhaps it is the consumer that should decide, don't you think, instead of a "governmental agency?"

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect

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