Friday, December 30

My Favorite Blog Posts 2011

Why have one year-end review when you can have two?  The other day I compiled the top ten marketing moments ... hope you enjoyed them and I'd love to hear if you agree or disagree.  Today I am going to compile my most favorite blog posts from this year.   Not necessarily marketing moments, but the posts that I relate to the most and that got the most commentary.  Last year I did the same thing and thought it was kind of fun.  So here goes:

10 - Brands That Go Political.  A blog post inspired by the gay marriage law in New York State which also ended up as an op-ed piece in PRWeek.

9 - Walmart Holiday Spot.  I don't really expect great advertising from Walmart, but this one got me at hello.

8 - An Authentic Brand.  The marketing buzz word of the year.

7- Senior Year High School.  As my daughter finished up her high school career and prepared for college, I got to relive all the memories.

6- What Women Want in Social Media.  I spoke at a lot of industry conferences, but the #140 was my favorite where I lead a panel discussion of some amazing women in social media.

5 - Chasing Thriller.  My favorite business quote of the year, and the inspiration behind Oprah starting her own network.

4 - Every Presenter's Nightmare.  Proof that a nightmare can turn into a learning experience.  You really can teach an old dog new tricks.

3 - Steve Jobs.  By far and away, the CEO who is had the biggest impact on my life.

2 - 9/11 Lunch with My Son.  The tenth year anniversary brought me new insights.

1 - A Penn State Dad.  A personal perspective on the scandal at Penn State.

Have a joyous new year and an amazingly happy 2012!  Thanks for reading!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect
Professor at NYU

PS:  Favorite quote of the year?  Comes from the Sofia Vergara character on Modern Family:  "Family is family.  Whether it's the ones you start out with, the ones you end up with, or the ones you pick up along the way."


  1. I am reading the Steve Jobs biography and loving every page! The early story is amazing. I love the story behind the "Apple" name.

    Happy New Year, Jim!

  2. And happy new year to you too, Maryanne! Jim.