Sunday, January 1

The Brands of #NYE

I had a very quiet New Year's eve this year ... just the way I wanted. Spent the evening with a bottle of champagne, family, and Dick Clark's annual show. Ryan Seacrest and his other co-hosts counted down the 40 most memorable music performances in honor of the show's 40th Anniversary. It was great fun seeing music from the last 40 years.

But what was more intriguing, to me anyway, was all the marketing. Holy cow - it was a brand extravaganza.  And I was following it all on tv and on twitter #nye.

First Nivea. It felt like the entire Times Square crowd was decked out in Nivea swag. The whole crowd and area had a branded blue glow. The theme: "Be Prepared to be Kissed." I guess to promote their lip line although that part was not at all obvious ... to be honest the connection with Nivea and New Year's Eve was lost on me.

The other biggie brand was Blackberry and their "be bold" campaign. Big signage in all the right places and lots of product placements. Co-host Jenny McCarthy pre-recorded segments with people in the crowd talking about how they were going to "Be Bold" in the new year. Honestly, they were terrible. Made no sense. It would have been much better if Blackberry owned "texting" for the night.

Both Blackberry and Nivea also have social media campaigns backing up these initiatives.   Maybe they make more sense there.

Weight Watchers was there too, with their new "Believe" campaign with Jennifer Hudson.  Tons of advertising along with more Jenny McCarthy segments asking people what they believe in.  These little segments didn't work at all but it didn't matter ... the new Weight Watchers campaign is so good that I'm saving my comments for another blog post!  Too good!

McDonald's seemed to score too. Perfect stage placement right in front of their flagship Times Square location with the big neon flashing golden arches. That along with heavy advertising throughout.

No coincidence that Disney was ever present as well both in Times Square and with the remote from Disneyland. Have to remember that Disney owns abc.

But the big brand winner --- Dick Clark. The man is a legend and although it was very awkward to watch him at this stage, he did create an incredible brand that has had incredible longevity even with him taking a back seat.

Also to be saved for another blog post:  Lady Gaga.  Brand of the season in my book, but more to come on that.  I'd also like to give an honorable mention to brand New York City who was shining as always.  I should also mention that Brand Bieber took another step forward in legitimizing his "adult" career with a stunning performance of "Let It Be" with Carlos Santana.  Santana!!

My takeaway?  A lot of it was too forced.  Big brand marketing that was too in your face.  It should have all been much more organically placed.  Sure I noticed, and I'm writing about it.  But I'm not sure any of it convinced me to buy ... except for the Weight Watchers advertising but that's another story.  Indeed.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect
Professor at NYU

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