Friday, January 27

Honda's Leap Lists

I love a new insight.  It's rare these days in our over saturated market place, but I love when a brand uncovers a new insight.

Honda uncovers a very interesting new insight in their new television campaign called "Leap Lists."  The notion is that when you go through major milestones in your life, or big "leaps" in your life, then there's a lot of things that you need to get done.

Like when you're having a baby.  There's a lot to do, so you need a "Leap List."  You've got to buy this and that, and get ready with this and that.  Or when you get a big promotion at work, you have to buy new clothes, get a new hair cut, polish up your shoes, etc.  Or before you get married, you want to visit the Grand Canyon, that kind of thing. :)

When you advance to the next level in your life, there are things you have to do to get there.  Leap Lists.

It's a great insight, and a great way to serve up a promotional engagement with consumers.  As Honda says on their CR-V Facebook page: "We all have a few things to do before leaping into life's next big chapter.  Put them on your Leap List, and learn how the new 2012 CR-V can help you get to every one of them."  On this Facebook page, you literally enter your "leap" and what you need to do, and presumably Honda will help you.

Very clever, but I have to say ... I'm not sure I understand the connection to the brand.  In the advertising, the brand shows how its car can help you get around to all the items on your "Leap List."  But that's a stretch if you ask me.  Not sure I get it.  But I do love the insight.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect series
Professor at NYU


  1. Honda have been trying to demonstrate how the brand fits into people's lifestyles for some time now - rather like a "favorite pair of jeans".
    Through this campaign they are aiming to enhance this association by focusing on significant life events and making it an interactive experience. People love lists - they love comparing their top 10 to that of others (just look at twitter - there are loads of hashtag lists for #myfavorite this or that #leaplist is there too and already has a few tweets). I guess they are hoping that this becomes a viral lifestyle conversation which they are associated with. They also get a whole load of inspiration which can help to enhance the relevance of their future conversations with the consumer.