Tuesday, January 31

SuperBowl Live Tweets

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  The SuperBowl ... the marketers' holiday!

Last year proved to be quite entertaining, at least in my book.  We had VW "The Force," and CarMax "Talking Cars," and Chrysler "Imported From Detroit."  Although not every ad resonated, there were a bunch of hidden gems.

And just like last year, social media has been gearing up the action with sneak peeks and foreshadowing, with the critiques already funneling in.  Me, I like to wait and see it all live during the game, the way that advertising was intended and the way that consumers see it.  Then I'll go back and review them all on YouTube after.  So you won't see a lot of previews coming from me.

Although I do love this teaser from Volkswagon, hoping to gather steam from last year's breakout.

What will I be doing during the big game?  Live tweeting!

Last year my friend Mike Brown from Brainzooming invited me to participate in his Twitter party and it was a blast.  Well this year we are joining forces to co-curate #SBExp ... continuing the momentum of last year's #OscarExp and #OprahExp.  Plus we had a blast a few weeks ago at #GlobesExp we just had to keep it going.

So join us at 6:30EST on Sunday, February 5th.  Get your fingers in shape because it moves fast.  Check out these exercises!

To get us in the spirit, here's another sneak peek (no more spoilers after this, I promise!).  It was released on YouTube yesterday for the new David Beckham underwear line at H&M.

BTW, I'll be on TheStreet.com Monday morning for the play by play - of the advertising!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect
Professor at NYU

PS - My new book, The Experience Effect for Small Business, is now available!  Check it out and share it with friends, especially entrepreneurs with their own small business!  Appreciate it!

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