Sunday, January 22

Twitter - The New Book Tour

I had the pleasure of being a guest host for two different Twitter chats last week:  #prstudchat and #prwebchat.  They were both a lot of fun -- we discussed the different elements of a compelling brand experience.  I have to say that these Twitter chats run fast and furious as the tweets come piling in one on top of the other. The one with students was especially fast. I was on my toes ... fingers and toes, actually.

You can read my guest post about #prstudchat here!

As I prepare for the launch of my second book on January 31, I got to thinking ... are Twitter chats the new book tour?  Do these one hour sessions take the place of sitting at a Barnes & Noble table, with Sharpie in hand?

They certainly make a lot more sense.  It's a captive, engaged audience, there to talk with you.  No standing in line, no random awkwardness.  Just a group of like-minded people looking to learn and share.  Doesn't matter one bit if they buy a book. Marketing is a spectator sport and we can learn a lot from each other.  I certainly did.

What's your experience? Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effext"
Professor at NYU


  1. Jim -- what a great idea. We work with authors occassionally, certainly using Twitter to promote but have continued to think the traditional book tour is still part of the mix. Am curious what kind of feedback you'll get to this question.

  2. Feedback, mostly on Facebook and Twitter, has been resounding agreement. Twitter chats are so much more productive and fun -- like minded people all getting together. Nice to "see" you Abbie! Jim.