Thursday, February 16


Chipolte got a mention in my Grammy Awards wrap up the other day, but it needs its own shout out.  Aside from Whitney, it's getting the most buzz (atleast from a marketing perspective).

Coming off of the SuperBowl where there really wasn't all that much to write home about, comes a stunner of a campaign from Chipolte, the QSR (quick serve restaurant) that is trying to stand out from the rest.  This new campaign is a great step in that direction.  And it was certainly "Best in Show" at The Grammy Awards 2012.

The production is animated and quite entertaining.  The format is LONG, so it has to work even harder to keep our attention and get its message across.  It tells a compelling story of a farmer who is obviously tempted to go the mass production route, seemingly to be more efficient and make more money.  But instead, in the end, the farmer decides to stay close to the earth.  And Chipolte decides to stay close to the farmer.

The title is "Back to the Start," and it shows that good food must stay close to the earth from the start.  Or at least that is my interpretation.  The music is haunting - written by Coldplay and performed by the oh so appropriate Willie Nelson.  Willie Nelson!

Of course the website continues the experience, where you can not only see the video but also learn about the ingredients and about the company's sustainable practices.  Again, entertaining, educational, and enlightening.

I love this line:  "It's not just a burrito, it's a foil-wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness."  That about sums it up.

It's very refreshing coming from a fast food chain, an industry that has been long criticized for processes that aren't exactly close to farm fresh or healthy for that matter.  Books have been written about it.  I have personally not had a fast food hamburger since I read "Skinny Bitch."  Ouch ... that one changed my eating habits for sure.

I love when a brand can stand out from the pack, can differentiate itself with meaningful benefits, and then can engage us into the brand with an experience.

Full disclosure - I'm a frequent burrito bowl consumer.  The in restaurant experience is just as consistent with the rest of the brand messaging and promises.  Well done.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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  1. When I saw this commercial, I have to admit that it tugged at my heartstrings. I even got a little misty-eyed when the rotund little piggies were locked up and caged in the farmer’s reverie (at 1:22 in the video). From my standpoint, the ad is incredibly well executed. It’s clean, it is evocative, and it communicates Chipotle’s philosophy clearly. The ad taps into the current social consciousness relating to all things green, environmentally sound, locally sourced, free-range, small scale, ethically cultivated, etc. On another level it’s almost too cute and makes me reconsider eating at Chipotle! Since Chipotle utilizes meat from animals that are portrayed as incredibly, heartbreakingly adorable... I question whether I would want to eat there now.