Monday, February 27

The Oscars 2012 In Review

My Favorite Moment
I hosted another #Exp Twitter party last night during The Academy Awards ... there were a bunch of us crazy fools commenting on all the marketing ... and of course the movies, celebrities, and fashion (we couldn't help ourselves).  I have to say that the production was pretty standard fare, although tweeting along side viewing made the night fly by.  It was great to have Billy back, even though my 17 year old son didn't know who he was :(

A special thanks to all my peeps who participated in the Twitter party at #OscarExp.  Let's do it again!

As far as the advertising, I noticed an interesting trend ... one that I had not noticed during the other big pop culture moments this year at The SuperBowl, Golden Globes, or The Grammy Awards.  The economy, our stressful lives, and the current state of affairs in politics has had definite influence on insight gathering and copy writing!

Take a look at JCPenney:  the retailer just switched its business model to Everyday Low Prices and the brand's multiple executions last night as a premier sponsor talked about being "fair and square."  American Express, another big sponsor, asked us to make every Saturday "Small Business Saturday" to support small business and boost the economy.  During the Red Carpet (a brand unto itself) we saw yet another Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" execution where we were inspired by the words, "It's what you do when no one is looking that defines you."  Wow.

The stress of being a Mom was celebrated and supported in a new Johnson's Baby spot ("You're Doing OK, Mom"), and even Dad finally got a little recognition of what he goes through in a Google+ execution of its current campaign.

We could even throw in the Diet Coke spot that celebrates the unsung, behind the scenes heroes of Hollywood as a nod to how hard we all work these days, often without getting our just reward.

I like the overall theme, I really do.  It's a bit more insightful than some of the work we've seen during the other shows this year, and I believe it has the chance to resonate and motivate consumers a bit better.  I find it all touching.

Best in Show?  Still thinking ... going to save that for tomorrow's post.  But I will say that if I were the brand managers of either Grey Goose or Bisquick, I'd be doing some thanking this morning for some very well placed product mentions.

What's your experience?  Jim

Jim Joseph
President of Cohn & Wolfe
Author of The Experience Effect series
Professor at NYU

BY THE WAY ...... Here are the winners from last night's #OscarExp!  Congrats!

Movie Passes from Regal and AMC Cinemas:
- @critiques4geeks:  first brand mention
- @mr_mcfly:  first social media mention
- @MilliganEvents:  first mention of a nominated film
- @RonCorning:  first mention of Meryl Streep
- @KristinMachina:  first mention of the length of the show
- @iammrsid:  answered the question "what does JC stand for in JCPenney?"
- @amyvernon:  most retweeted
- @ABHuret:  funniest tweets
- @Phillyadman:  most active tweeter
- @CrystalRobbie:  most active retweeter

Boxed Set of Choice (random drawing):
- @iammrsid


  1. Would you consider Jolie's Right leg as a product placement?

  2. It certainly was the "thigh heard round the world!" If there had been Legg's pantyhose on it, then it would certainly qualify. Jim.

  3. I love, love, LOVED the Diet Coke ads that ran during the Oscars.

    First of all, it hearkens back to Hollywood's Golden Age & Classic Cinema as a whole. It plays off the Oscars theme and tone phenomenally.

    The ad acknowledges the blood, sweat, and tears (cola) that goes into creating a major film. It tips a hat to all the folks that aren’t "stars" but whom the stars couldn't be without.

    The subtle mimicry of the Diet Coke glass bottle's shape (at 0:39 -to- 0:47 seconds in the youtube video clip) with the glamorous starlets physique was lovely.

    I loved the idea of Diet Coke being the unifying thread that connects movie makers and movie-goers. Not to mention that the silver colored cup at the end of the ad immediately makes me think of the "silver screen".

    Then, they hit me with the "stay extraordinary" tag rolling up like a film credit! Oh goodness! The message crashes through the TV screen! They may as well have said "YOU are the STAR" --- no matter where, or who you are…. you are no cog in some machine… you are integral to the entire operation.

    Epic confidence boost! Brilliant.

    From start to finish, Diet Coke is the unifying force that makes magic happen for cineastes everywhere. (at least according to this commercial)

    It connects the audience with Hollywood…. it allows you to imbibe Hollywood…

    It's the modern version of the quote attributed to Dom Perignon, "I am drinking stars!"

    Before I get too metaphorical let me just say that it was GOOD ad.