Friday, February 17

Social is the New Local

It's Social Media Week here in New York, and I finally got to participate in some of the activities yesterday.  I started a new job as President, North America at Cohn & Wolfe so it's been a bit busy to say the least.

The agency hosted a panel discussion yesterday with some of the biggest players in social media including Buddy Media, MasterCard, and Johnson & Johnson.  It was a great discussion with a great turnout, all live streamed and lively tweeted throughout.  It is Social Media Week after all!

There were two standout, running commentaries in the discussion that I want to bring alive here.  When talking about developing plans, the panel spoke about how they are "stubborn with the strategy but flexible with the execution."  Brilliant.  Meaning = do the heavy lifting with creating a breakthrough strategy and then stick to it ... but be flexible in how you execute it depending on local market variables, response to competition, dialogue with the community, etc.  Love it.

The other running commentary was about how "social is the new local," which quite honestly can have multiple meanings.  I'm not sure that the panel meant it this way, but for me that resonates in how social media has been able to bring people together from all over the world and from multiple disciplines who would have never been able to know or interact with each other before.  It has taken a global community and made it local.

Last night was a perfect example.  I was invited to the restaurant Tao for an Influencer Dinner by the #smsix ... a group of six people who are basically just doing some darn cool things in social media.  They invited a few of us from all over the country and from many different aspects of the industry.  Back in the day, we would have never had the chance to know each other, compare notes, and talk about new ideas.  It would have never happened.  But with social media, here we are sitting at one small table sharing a glass of wine and some awesome food.  Social is the new local.

Isn't that was Social Media Week is all about?

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, North America of Cohn & Wolfe
Author of The Experience Effect series
Professor at NYU

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Jim! We appreciate you coming to the #smsix dinner!

  2. It was a blast, truly! I so appreciate being included! Jim.

  3. I agree that social media has brought the world closer and company must manage their image online/offline even more so carefully. Sometimes people share a good experience that they have just had at a store/restaurant. More often, people share when they are dissatisfied or angry. For better or for worse, one wrong comment or misconduct can destroy people’s perception of a brand. The recent D&G incident in Hong Kong was an example where social media perpetuated the feud between Hong Kong locals & mainlanders, and a luxury brand, D&G, got caught in the middle of the heat. The brand’s mishandling of a small situation resulted in FB invite for D&G ban/protest and thousands of people showed up at the D&G store, forcing the store to close early. The whole incident also left a bad taste in the local’s mouth, damaging D&G’s image in the Asia market.

    WSJ Blog post on incident:

  4. I absolutely agree, social media is stronger than ever, we can look at statistics of and see that 1 out of 5 marriages start on a dating site. I think this awesome. As you said social media brings people from all around the world, and whats most surprising is that social networks are designed to refer to other people that are similar to you and that you might know.